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Eve Air Mobility and Yugo to study potential for urban air mobility operations in Southeast Asia

Eve Air Mobility and Yugo Global Industries Pte. Ltd. (“Yugo”), a Singapore-based aviation company, have announced that the two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to study the potential for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and eVTOL flights in Southeast Asia.

“Yugo is a private aviation network established by aviation experts, with a global presence and a focus on Southeast Asia” according to the press release. “In its mission to support regional Air Mobility innovation, Yugo benefits from the support of partner Air Transport operators such as PhilJets and Helistar, two of the region’s solid key players.

“Together, Eve and Yugo will specifically focus on the potential infrastructure requirements to support eVTOL operations including regulations. The companies will also analyse service centre and vertiport size and capabilities, ground handling and other areas as needed.

“As Eve supports the exploration of eVTOL development in Southeast Asia, the region’s aviation infrastructure is rapidly advancing. The Philippines is constructing the New Manila International Airport by San Miguel Corporation, while OCIC Group is building Cambodia’s Phnom Penh Techo International Airport (TIA), set to open in 2025. To reduce carbon emissions, these modern and sustainable new airports, including Phnom Penh’s TIA designed by Foster and Partners, are exploring charging stations and flight routes for flying taxis and electric jets.

“Eve has continued to advance the development of its eVTOL aircraft. The company has begun construction of its full-scale prototype and is on schedule to begin testing the aircraft in 2024. Featuring a lift+cruise design to minimize moving parts and reduce potential cost of ownership, Eve’s eVTOL features eight lift rotors to assist in takeoff and landing and one push rotor for cruise. With a range of 100km (60 miles) and traveling at speeds of 100 knots, Eve’s aircraft currently leads the industry with 2,850 orders. The aircraft is scheduled to enter service in 2026.”

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(Image: Eve Air Mobility)

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