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Eve announces Antonio João Carmesini Barcellos as Vice President of Industrialisation

Eve Air Mobility announced today that Antonio João Carmesini Barcellos, current Chairman of the Board and General Director of Embraer Portugal, will be the company’s new Vice President of Industrialisation.

“With more than 27 years of experience in the aviation industry, Carmesini spent almost eight years as the Director of Manufacturing Engineering at Embraer” according to the press release. “The executive stood out for his strategic leadership, overseeing production operations and driving innovation to increase efficiency and product quality.

“In July 2023, Eve revealed that its first eVTOL production facility will be located in the city of Taubaté, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. The company has begun assembly of its first full-scale eVTOL prototype, which will be followed by a test campaign in 2024. Eve’s eVTOL is scheduled to start deliveries and enter into service in 2026.”

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(Image: Eve Air Mobility)

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