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Grands Espaces reserves Airlander 10 aircraft for experiential travel to the Arctic

Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd, a UK-based sustainable aircraft technologies company, has today announced an aircraft reservation agreement with Grands Espaces, a French eco-tourism company founded by Arctic scientist and author, Christian Kempf.

Grands Espaces says it will utilise Airlander 10 aircraft to offer its customers the opportunity to experience new adventures in hard to reach and undiscovered places.

“Today’s announcement is another step forward in Airlander 10’s entry into service programme, growing an order book already in excess of £1bn and building momentum towards the start of production this year” according to the press release.

“Airlander’s ability to take-off and land from any reasonably flat surface, including water and ice, and the minimal requirement for fixed infrastructure will help to sustainably expand Grands Espaces’ services, offering improved access to areas that cannot be easily reached by conventional aircraft or boat, while offering a unique experience for guests.

“Grands Espaces customers will be able to embark on exclusive trips, including to spectacular natural sites, providing customers with truly immersive and intimate experiences. Grand Espaces rethinks the typical vision of tourism, focusing on low-impact trips and connecting with local communities.

“With production set to begin this year, Grands Espaces will be able to offer customers new Airlander 10 experiences from 2028.”

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(Image: Hybrid Air Vehicles)

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