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“eZELOS eVTOL cabin size to rise from two passengers to three” – social media report

In response to numerous requests for seating capacity, UASystems SA has decided to offer the eZELOS Twin-Hybrid with three passenger seats instead of two, significantly increasing the cost-efficiency and capacity of the eZELOS, according to a Linkedin post from Hans Christian Stuber, General Manager at UASystems SA.

“According to a source about the Global Urban Air Mobility Market, as reported in the trade journal Unmanned Aerospace, 55 countries and 153 cities/regions have established plans to provide air mobility services to passengers. A total of 89 routes for air taxi services have been identified, with 58 of these routes covering distances greater than 40km (40–200km). This suggests that intercity services, rather than intracity services, are likely to account for many initial air mobility offerings.

“Based on these insights and further considerations, we have designed our eZELOS twin hybrid solution in such a way that eZELOS offers a range of 500 km, with strong consideration of sustainability aspects, which are continuously adapted and improved with increasing battery density.

“The first eZELOS demonstrator will be ready before the end of 2023.”

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