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Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency works with SkyDrive to research eVTOL noise levels

SkyDrive Inc reports it has concluded a joint research agreement with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (“JAXA”) for the practical application of eVTOLs. SkyDrive has been selected to participate in the Advanced Air Mobility “Smart Mobility Expo” Project at Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan. JAXA has been developing technology for noise source  identification of rotor blades with their largest wind tunnel test facilities in Japan. SkyDrive has now begun a joint research project in the JAXA facility to reduce the noise level of eVTOLs by utilizing their technology.

According to a SkyDrive press statement:

“Our eVTOL is an electric aircraft that  uses electric engines that enable lower noise operations. However, in order for this aircraft to take off and land in neighborhoods and to be applied as daily choice transportation, we are working to further noise reduction. SkyDrive will continue its effort to reduce the noise source development of rotors and systems using the results from the joint research with JAXA.”

Roles of SkyDrive and JAXA.

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