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Flying karts: the first step towards recreational eVTOL flights and racing?

Lovenie, a French start-up, is reported to have begun its first “stabilised flight tests” of its recreational flying kart single-seat prototype, planning the first finished kart test flights in Spring 2023, said David Dricourt, founder of the company.

According to the company: “The first model is an octocopter of about 90 Kw, single-seater, electric with a battery life of about 15 minutes. The batteries are exchangeable, which means you run the track over and over again. They are also accessible to everyone: it will not be necessary to purchase a go-kart to fly, as rental will be available from the launch. A concept that can also be integrated into existing structures.”

According to Lovenie its karts could be used at horse or car racing tracks, and other facilities which have already been created. Flying karts are meant to be used for leisure activities, as real “pleasure sport.” A first competition is to be organised in 2025.

“Part of the production will go directly to countries like the United States, which allow the use of this type of aircraft,” said the company in a statement. “In Europe, the start-up is expanding its relationships with existing venues and plans on opening its own innovative and user-friendly leisure venues to welcome and train the public and offer the highest number of services (rental of flying karts, shop, bar and restaurant). Later on, the range will be extended with hybrid (thermal & electric) flying karts, for both single and two-seaters”

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