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FlyOnE expects to have trainer and demonstrator eVTOL available as early as 2024

FlyOnE, Australian developer of goods and services in the emerging green transport market reports that AIRONE, a trainer and demonstrator personal eVTOL sport air carriage will be available as early as 2024.  The company says the two seater aircraft with 770HP; 250km/h; and a 150km range will be able to fly point to point, connecting metro locations and able to land in smaller places than helicopters.

The company also says that the aircraft will be “exceedingly easy to learn to fly safely” and that “you will be the pilot in command, fly where you want, when you want, on your own terms.”

“We are building a network of charge nodes in capital cities and regional centers in Australia to service this and other electric aircraft” the company adds and “we are open to expressions of interest to build networks and training/service facilities in other cities worldwide”.

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(Image:  FlyOnE)

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