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Gadfin announces USD7 million round of funding, led by the Southern Israel Bridging Fund VC (SIBF)

Gadfin – developer of eVTOL solutions for long-range B2B aerial delivery and scanning services, today announced the closing of its round A of funding, for USD7 million which was led by SIBF along with GEHR Cooperation. The company says the funds raised will enable it to obtain CAA certification approvals for its Spirit-One air platforms in the regions in which it operates, and to further expand its international activities in the transportation of critical equipment via its unique patented unmanned systems.

“Based on proprietary eVTOL technology, Gadfin’s drone service delivers low-to-medium payloads over long ranges, with emphasis on the medical supply segment” says the press release.

The company’s flagship product it adds is “the hydrogen fuel cell powered Gadfin Spirit-One – designed for long-range deliveries of up to 250km (155 miles), at a speed of 100km/h (62 miles/h), enabling mission-critical cargo delivery. Its insulated compartment enables medical aid to be kept cool, at temperatures as low as -70 C (-94 F), thanks to custom packaging”.

Furthermore the press release adds that “All Gadfin’s systems feature patented folding wings that enable easy and stable vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), requiring only a small work-area footprint. With their wings expanded and forward propulsion, the drones achieve unparalleled energy efficiency, extended flight time and extended range.”

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