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Flyvbird outlines plan for on-demand air taxi network

Flyvbird, a German app-based, on-demand air taxi start-up has joined forces with Italian airframer Tecnam to provide air services with the 1,700-nm range of the Traveller piston-twin, to small rural and secondary airports around Europe according to Aviation International.

According to the report:

“Flyvbird is preparing to launch services at the end of 2024 with the first of four Tecnam P2012 Travellers on order reports. The start-up expects the business to grow exponentially over the coming years with a mixed fleet of up to 500 low-cost and reduced-emissions aircraft envisaged by the end of the next decade to service a growing international network.

“Using its proprietary FlyvAI algorithm, the company says its platform will optimise the daily flight schedule based on paid bookings and operational constraints. It will also provide a guaranteed fixed travel timeframe at the booking stage. “We are not reinventing anything, just making things better for the market by letting the customer choose when and where to fly,” said Lang.

“The nine-passenger Traveller is “an ideal fit” for Flyv, Lang maintained, due to its very low operating costs, fuel efficiency, and versatility. “We will start with the Lycoming-[TEO-540C1A]-powered Traveller…as the Continental [GTSIO-520S]-powered short take-off and landing variant does not have an [electronic engine control],” he explained.

“Germany is likely to be the launch country for Flyv with a core network of airports—Brunswick, Monchengladbach, Munster, Friedrichshafen, and Stuttgart—already determined. From this starting point, Lang hopes to expand flights to around 30 other airports. “It’s like planting a seed and then growing from the center,” he said.

“In about 10 years, the company expects to be operating a fleet of up to 150 aircraft across the continent. “It is a worldwide scalable product and if we do this right, we could be operating 500 aircraft globally before the end of the next decade,” Lang suggested.”

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