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EASA to host webinar on electric/hybrid propulsion systems

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has announced it will organise a webinar on “Electric/Hybrid Propulsion Systems (EHPS) – Progress and Roadmap to means of compliance definition” on 22 Nov 2023.

According to the EASA website “Electric/Hybrid Propulsion Systems (EHPS) are regarded as key enablers for a future CO2-neutral aviation. Such systems are making use of novel technologies combining them with traditional propulsion techniques in various ways.

“The technological developments of the last years showed that the degree of hybridisation will highly depend on the intended use of the aircraft, the selected fuel/power supply, suitable power storage solutions and the required safety objectives.

“EASA is currently preparing for the development of Means of Compliance suitable to address a variety of possible EHPS architectures.

“The objective of this year’s webinar is to present to our external stakeholders (Airworthiness Authorities and Industry) the strategy and iterative process for the above-mentioned development of Means of Compliance.

“In order to ensure worldwide coverage, we have set-up 2 identical sessions (morning and afternoon). Your registration needs to be specific to the desired session (morning or afternoon).”

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(Image: EASA)

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