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Honeywell to supply hybrid engine generator for FLYING WHALES cargo transport airship

Honeywell’s one-megawatt generator has been selected by FLYING WHALES QUEBEC to supply power for its new hybrid-electric airship, the LCA60T. Both companies signed a contract for the integration and supply of Honeywell’s 1-megawatt generator. Based in France and Canada, FLYING WHALES is developing the 200-meter-long vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft for the heavy load transport market.

According to Honeywell,  “the high-power density and efficiency of Honeywell’s 1-megawatt generator system allows it to integrate smoothly with propulsion and operational systems for piloted or autonomous aircraft. It can also be used as a 1-megawatt motor without modifications for electric propulsion engines. Aboard the LCA60T, the 1-megawatt generator will create a hybrid propulsion system by being integrated with a gearbox and a turbine that uses jet fuel and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The Honeywell generator will supply electrical power to the electric engines, thereby creating a more efficient and sustainable form of travel — similar to the way hybrid-electric automobiles function.

“Honeywell’s 1-megwatt generator is a perfect fit for a transformational aircraft like the LCA60T,” said Dave Marinick, president, Engines & Power Systems, Honeywell Aerospace. “Our generator is four times as powerful as any other generator flying today, and at unmatched power density. We believe in creating a more sustainable future for aviation, and our work with FLYING WHALES is helping bring that future to life.”

According to a company press release, the LCA60T is a heavy-duty rigid airship with a 60-tonne payload capacity. It is 200 meters (m) long with a 96m by 8m by 7m high cargo bay supported by 10 nonpressurized helium cells. It is powered by a 4-megawatt hybrid electric propulsion chain. Like all aircraft, the LCA60T will be certified to ensure maximum operating safety. Originally designed to transport renewable wood resources from hard-to-access areas, LCA60T’s unique stationary hovering design for loading and unloading is ideal for overcoming numerous logistical and technical problems in remote areas, and it has a remarkably low environmental footprint. “This solution overcomes all ground constraints to transport large and heavy loads at a low cost. Flying Whales intends to fly the first LCA60T in 2025 and plans to manufacture 150 aircraft in the next 10 years.”

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