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Hybrid Air Vehicles starts certification of its Airlander 10, aims for zero emissions by 2030

Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd has today announced that it has formally begun the Type Certification process for Airlander 10, “designed to be the world’s most efficient large aircraft”, said the company.

“Airlander 10 is the first in a new category of efficient aircraft, designed to make possible new ultra-low emissions air services around the world. Type Certification is a rigorous process that assures a safe aircraft design. This process is now underway, passing a significant milestone towards the commercialisation of a fleet of Airlander 10 aircraft in mobility, logistics, and tourism & leisure roles. Later planned developments include the introduction of electric motors, leading to a zero-emission version of the aircraft by 2030.

“This is expected to be the first approval for a UK-derived large aircraft since 1979. Work is planned to be carried out concurrently with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States to enable global deliveries.

On making the application, Tom Grundy, CEO of Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd, said:

“Airlander makes new, sustainable aviation services possible at scale – it’s a large aircraft designed to deliver services from large global fleets. Alongside our production programme, applying for Type Certification is a key milestone in our journey towards this goal.

Mike Durham, CTO of Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd, Head of the Design Office, and responsible for safe and compliant aircraft design said:

“As a Design Approved Organisation, we have an established relationship with the CAA and have implemented processes to achieve the safety-first standards that today’s aviation industry demands. We’ve also worked with regulators to establish a certification basis, which includes the safety criteria this type of aircraft needs to meet. Formally beginning the Type Certification process is a proud moment for myself and the entire Design Office.”

Following the application, the CAA and Hybrid Air Vehicles will agree a plan for the Type Certification process, which will identify how Hybrid Air Vehicles will prove Airlander 10 achieves the requirements set out in the basis for certification, a step known as the means of compliance. With the CAA’s involvement, Hybrid Air Vehicles will develop extensive documentation and conduct a range of planned tests. As for previous Type Certification processes, certification will utilise a range of analysis, simulation, laboratory, ground and flight tests.

“The application for Type Certification is the milestone that formally starts the path to delivery of UK1bn of current reserved orders for Airlander 10, and up to 24 aircraft a year from a new production line to be sited in South Yorkshire,” according to the company. “Initial reservations include 20 aircraft for regional passenger mobility services for launch airline customer Air Nostrum Group, and aircraft destined for use in the tourism and travel sector. Earlier in February 2024, Grands Espaces, a leading tourism company, reserved an Airlander 10 aircraft for unique and sustainable exploration experiences.”

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