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Aena, Urban V and Volocopter partner to develop UAM operations in Spain

Airport management company Aena, UrbanV – the Italian vertiport operator – and German eVTOL manufacturer Volocopter have entered into a collaboration agreement to launch a pilot programme to develop an UAM ecosystem. The programme consists of a feasibility study for the deployment of UAM and a potential proof of concept of commercial operations (CONOPS) of a vertiport at an airport within the Aena flight network.

“The pilot programme will progress in two steps,” said a press statement. “The first two years will focus on a feasibility study of UAM use within the Aena network, identifying potential customers, vertiport locations and commercial routes, infrastructure needs, and possible connections with other modes of transport. The next step will be to evaluate the possibility of conducting flights test on Aena facilities (subject to funding, availability of resources, permits to fly etc.) in order to proof the concept of operations. Based on this pilot study, the partnership aims to assess the next steps and possible future lines of collaboration in the UAM business in Spain. Future lines of work will be subject to strict assessment of the results of the pilot and the strategic alignment of each of the parties.

“There is no shortcut to building an efficient and sustainable UAM ecosystem into a new region. This involves understanding the market potential, identifying passenger-frequented routes, planning vertiport locations, and involving additional partners such as civil aviation authorities (CAA) and municipalities, among others. Aena, UrbanV, and Volocopter have the expertise in respective parts of the aviation industry to embark on the creation of an efficient UAM ecosystem in Spain and beyond.

“UrbanV and Volocopter have already partnered for the 2024 Italian UAM market launch in Rome and are now looking to strengthen their collaboration in Spain. Aena is the world’s leading airport management company in the number of passengers. With the combined expertise of these three companies, a CONOPS of use cases at target locations will be created as a blueprint, to later aid global commercial expansion.

“Spain is accelerating its decarbonisation efforts to target net-zero by 2050, mostly through electrification, green hydrogen, and biofuels. Aena is 10 years ahead of schedule by committing to be net-zero by 2040. Electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, can play a significant role in reducing carbon emissions in urban and remote locations in the immediate future. With no emissions in flight, an ultra-low noise signature, and compliant to the highest safety standards in aviation, Volocopter’s eVTOLs have the potential to revolutionize the future of aviation and make a significant impact on cities across Spain.”

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Aena SME, S.A., UrbanV, and Volocopter Collaborate to Develop an UAM Pilot Project in Spain

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