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“Indian Navy to take delivery of single-person eVTOL from Sagar Defence”

Numerous press and social media reports say the Indian Navy will soon take delivery of a single person/cargo carrying UAV developed by Sagar Defence Engineering.

The Varuna UAV developed for the Indian Navy “can carry up to 130 kgs of payload and has the power to travel at least 25 kilometres with that much weight. It can also reportedly carry one person inside,” according to the WioNews agency.”  The platform is equipped with a parachute.

“During an interview, the founder and CEO, Nikunj Parashar of the Pune-based start-up said: “This drone has been made specifically for the use by the Indian Navy. Varuna has been developed in two parts. One being the technology which helps it to land and take off from moving warships and the second being the platform itself.”

“Varuna is currently being developed along with NTDAC (Naval Technology Development acceleration cell)” he told the Financial Express.

(Image: IndiaVarunaDrone news)

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