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EUR 3 million fundraising campaign launched to develop vertiport network in France

The French developer of the AIRNOVA vertiport concept is launching a EUR3 million fundraising campaign to support the development of the first vertiport network for drones and eVTOLd in France.

“This network of vertiports will allow the transport of people and parcels over cities, over distances of 10 to 30 km in urban areas and 50 to 300 km in peri-urban and rural areas,” says a LinkedIn post. “An urban building patent equipped with an autonomous vertiport with multiple services for a new urban logistics. Airnova has 10 sites under study in France most of them in Gironde. We are looking for financial partners such as business angels, investment funds and industrial partners who wish to support us in the implementation of this new decarbonated mobility.

According to the parent company’s AQPRIM website:

“AIRNOVA© required several months of consultation, reflections and exchanges with architectural, urban planning, acoustician and major French design offices, aeronautics experts, hospital helipad designers, concierge services and operators to consolidate their patent filing.

“The network of cities will allow fast connections, without polluting emissions. Connected to ground and river transport networks, AIRNOVA© will connect train stations, airports and business centres. In cities that are too dense, it allows parcel flows quickly in the heart of neighborhoods by air. The AIRNOVA© building concept does not require artificializing the floors more than any other building, far from hubs or terminals that span several hectares.”

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