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JETX’s new X2 Stealth eVTOL prototype inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck

JETX has unveiled its X2 Stealth eVTOL, a military aircraft inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck. The X2 eVTOL features a patent-pending quiet and low-emission vector thrust propulsion system with electric ducted fans or bladeless technology (optional) according to

“This pioneering aircraft enables covert access to challenging environments that are not usual for basic transportation. The single-pilot vehicle redefines mobility with its cutting-edge design and unparalleled capabilities, setting a new benchmark for sustainable and efficient military missions.

“It can be built in both manned and unmanned versions, enabled by the aircraft’s advanced neural network-based flight software.

“On-board the unmanned JETX X2, the autonomous pilot is driven by artificial intelligence, which mimics human information processing. This would provide full situational awareness and controls that far exceeds the countless variables of human limitations. The autonomous pilot technology provides the equivalent capabilities of an entire squadron of ace “Top Gun” pilots, each controlling an aircraft working flawlessly.

“The autonomous pilot will be controlled entirely by the state-of-the-art neural network-based flight software “AI pilot” with advanced autonomy capabilities.

“Key autonomous features include:

  • “Swarming behaviours to coordinate large UAV formations.
  • “Collaborative teaming controlled through a single human operator.
  • “Dynamic deep learning-based contingency handling.
  • “Stealth penetration of contested environments too risky for manned aircraft.

“The manned version of the X2 is piloted by a human with full manual control of the aircraft. The aircraft includes a ducted, vector thrust propulsion system to achieve unmatched manoeuvrability, speed, and efficiency.

“Key features include:

  • “Glass cockpit with fly-by-wire flight controls.
  • “HUD and sensor fusion displays for enhanced situational awareness.
  • “Option to switch to semi-autonomous with AI copilot assistance.
  • “Manual override of UAV fleets under AI control.”

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(Image: JETX)

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