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AFWERX Agility Prime program demonstrates mobile battery charging station for eVTOL aircraft

The AFWERX Agility Prime program, launched by the US Air Force in April 2020, is partnering with the electric vertical takeoff and landing, or eVTOL, commercial industry to develop a new class of air mobility systems.

“The program aims to test and accelerate the development of eVTOL aircraft, which can move people and things around in a more efficient and environmentally friendly way” according to the press release.

“One of the challenges of eVTOL aircraft is the battery management. To address this, the program recently received a demonstration of a mobile battery care station developed by Arctech Charge, a Utah-based company.

“The station, which was specifically designed to support eVTOL aircraft testing and operations, can provide fast and safe charging for up to 36 batteries at a time. The station’s battery charging bays are climate controlled and can offer two battery care profiles: one for extending battery life cycles and one for charging as quickly and safely as possible.”

Manti Gleason, the co-founder/CEO of Arctech Charge, said they focused on “mobility and safety” when developing the battery charging station, which is something the Agility Prime program managers insisted on with the project.

“We can either prioritise faster battery turnover or focus on longevity for our battery fleet,” he said. “Our battery care profiles use dynamic charging to optimise the battery’s charge condition, ensuring that it meets mission operational needs while also extending its lifespan.”

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(Image: AFWERX)

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