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JSX announces intent to acquire over 300 hybrid electric aircraft for delivery starting in 2028

JSX, the US regional air carrier, today announced its intent to acquire up to 332 hybrid-electric aircraft from manufacturers Electra, Aura Aero, and Heart Aerospace, pledging to “pioneer an environmentally sustainable future for small community air service.”

“JSX has signed Letters of Intent to acquire up to 82 of the 9-seat Electra eSTOL aircraft with 32 firm orders and 50 options, up to 150 of the 19-seat Aura Aero Era with 50 firm orders and 100 options, and up to 100 of the 30-seat Heart Aerospace ES-30 with 50 firm orders and 50 options, representing its commitment to the renewal of low-impact regional transportation in North America” according to the press release. “JSX expects to take delivery of its first hybrid-electric aircraft in 2028.

“While commercial airlines can serve just 480 airports in the United States, JSX’s small community-friendly Part 135 and Part 380 Public Charter operations, combined with the exceptional performance capabilities of these hybrid-electric airplanes, enables service opportunities to thousands of federally funded airports otherwise inaccessible to people who can’t own or charter an entire aircraft.

“With the Electra eSTOL, Heart Aerospace ES-30, and Aura Aero Era, JSX can dramatically lower the cost of its service and open new flight options at over 2,000 U.S. airports, stimulating local economies and empowering regional mobility and connectivity for communities devoid of regular air service today.”

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(Image: JSX)

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