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LYTE and Kookiejar partner to develop heavy payload eVTOL delivery operations

LYTE, developer of the 40 seater eVTOL SkyBus and cargo eVTOL SkyTruck and vertiport company Kookiejar have announced a new partnership to pioneer heavy payload drone delivery operations.

“Inspired by the Swedish IKEA Concept, Kookiejar’s modular approach of building vertiports allows cities and municipalities to create an efficient network; coupled with existing and non-existing infrastructure, Kookiejar inexpensive solutions allow flexibility to deploy a vertiport network enabling air mobility for all,” according to a press release.

“This will change entire industries, including food and pharmaceuticals,” said Freshta Farzam, CEO & Founder of LYTE Aviation. “Imagine reducing cargo delivery times from 9h on the road via truck to 3h via SkyTruck in the air. Additionally, our customers require scalable and modular vertiport and vertistop solutions, easy and quick to implement.”

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