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KleinVision licenses production of its flying car design to Chinese company

Slovakia-based KleinVision reports it has sold a geographically limited licence for producing certified flying car technology to the Chinese company Hebei Jianxin Flying Car Technology Co., LTD.

KleineVision develops and manufacturers the AirCar.

“The deal, finalized for an undisclosed amount, marks a strategic move in the advancement of innovative mobility solutions,” says the company. “This licensing agreement grants the Chinese company exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute certified flying cars utilizing KleinVision’s cutting-edge technology within a specific geographical region. The Jianxin Group is poised to leverage this groundbreaking technology to redefine transportation standards in China.”

“We are pleased to announce the sale of the license for our certified flying car technology to the esteemed Chinese company,” stated Stefan Klein, Chairman of the Board at KleinVision. “This partnership represents a significant step in our mission to expand global access to revolutionary mobility solutions and drive progress in the industry,” added Anton Zajac, co-founder at KleinVision.

(Image: KleinVision)

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