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Land Rotor to mass produce personal Sportster eVTOL in USD700 million deal with Aeroauto

Land Rotor has announced plans to mass-produce the AAM Sportster in a USD700 million dollar deal with Aeroauto, LLC of Royal Palm Beach, Florida.

“This marks one of the largest commitments to provide consumers with safe and affordable Advanced Air Mobility vehicles globally,” said the company in a press release.

The company is pioneering an indoor version of Advanced Air Mobility as well, by integrating emerging technologies with existing social gaming infrastructure to connect with audiences around the world.“The idea behind our location-based entertainment venue is to provide guests with an immersive thrill ride experience that is fun and educational,” Thomas-john Veilleux, Land Rotor’s Founder & CEO said, “but it also will give people an opportunity to see how great the technology is.”

The AAM Sportster by Land Rotor is the first vehicle of this kind engineered to glide over the ground similar to a hovercraft, says the company.

“The AAM Sportster is a roadable aircraft that utilizes LiDAR (light distance and ranging) technology to keep it on the ground, much like a hovercraft, until the operator and flight conditions allow for safe and legal flying. When ready to fly, simply flip a switch and enter into Flight Mode.

“It’s that simple,” Veilleux says.

The company plans to offer a variety of eco-friendly power options for the AAM Sportster ranging from batteries, hydrogen, and biodiesel. “We want to make sure that our technology is on point with environmental needs, as well in providing consumers with a useful product that serves a purpose.” Veilleux added.

MSRP for the Land Rotor AAM Sportster is targeted at USD70,000 and the company intends to deliver 10,000 vehicles by the end of this decade. Upgraded packages will include horn, headlights, brake lights, and turn signals. As well, all-weather fully enclosed cabin, and pontoons for water landings.

“Our goal at Land Rotor is very clear,” Veilleux says. “We are going to mass-produce the AAM Sportster.”

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