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LCI and Airbus to partner on development of Advanced Air Mobility ecosystems

LCI and Airbus have announced a collaboration agreement to jointly develop ecosystems for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) in three core areas: strategy, commercialisation and financing.

“Both partners will collectively develop AAM market perspectives and forecasts, conduct industry research, and harness data analytics to understand new applications and missions” according to a press release. “They will support the development of new AAM solutions, and evaluate new commercial structures in areas including fleet, battery and charging network solutions.

“As part of the collaboration, LCI will become a key financial partner for Airbus’ Advanced Air Mobility projects around certain mission types such as emergency medical services, and will leverage its network to aid global take up and acceptance. It will also explore innovative leasing and finance solutions for potential customers for CityAirbus NextGen.

“Airbus finalised the assembly of its CityAirbus NextGen and powered on the vehicle at the end of 2023. In the next phase, the company will commence the vehicle’s test campaign, during which it will make use of its dedicated new AAM testhouse in Donauwörth, Germany. Airbus is also expanding its global network and partnerships to create a unique ecosystem that will foster a successful and viable AAM market.”

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(Image: LCI)

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