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LifeSaver Airbus eVTOL-based air ambulance services planned for Estonia

Invest in Estonia reports that the Estonian government is a major stakeholder in the LifeSafer network which will use Airbus eVTOL aircraft as air ambulances.

According to the organisation:

“LifeSaver, a framework co-developed by Airbus and International SOS. This solution aims at optimising emergency healthcare systems through innovation and improvements across the rescue chain. The first implementation of the LifeSaver programme is set to take place in Estonia. LifeSaver in Estonia is not limited to technology. It will include operating procedures, accreditation standards, medical guidelines, regulations and more to ensure that individual solutions are operationally viable and deliver clear benefits such as better patient outcomes, greater efficiency and/or lower environmental footprint.”

“The goal is to identify and create innovative solutions not only for Estonia, but also for other countries so as to leverage our local capabilities and maximize the export opportunities of Estonian companies involved in the development of solutions,” said Joonas Vänto, Director of Invest Estonia.

The organisation reports that among the potential tools mobilised in next-generation medical services, Airbus’ fully-electric aircraft prototype CityAirbus NextGen, will target an operational range of 80 kilometres and a cruise speed of 120 km/h, capable of carrying three passengers and a pilot. “In Estonia, the program will evaluate the country’s current emergency medical system and identify the most important use cases. These may include reducing response time, providing essential medical care to low-population-density areas, or optimizing the overall medical logistics network.”

“We aim to use innovation for better patient outcomes and direct social benefits to Estonian people. We also want to showcase what Estonia has to offer in terms of innovation – if the new technology works in such a mission-critical environment as EMS, it can work everywhere”, said Joonas Vänto.

“The capability and unique value proposition of a helicopter in medical services missions are irreplaceable. eVTOLs with zero-emission flights, full electrification and a lower noise profile have the potential to enable new missions and complement the helicopters in supporting the ever-evolving medical services. Helicopters and eVTOLs will both be part of medical ecosystems and work hand in hand”, said Balkiz Sarihan, Head of UAM Strategy Execution & Partnerships at Airbus.

The launch of the LifeSaver programme is expected in the first half of 2023.

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