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Lilium and AJW Group form strategic collaboration on materials and parts management

AJW Group, an independent aircraft component parts, repair, and supply chain solutions provider, and Lilium, have signed an agreement to develop global material services and distribution to support the Lilium Jet’s global aircraft operations and Lilium’s Aftermarket Services Business.

“The strategic collaboration between Lilium and AJW will include the management of Lilium’s eVTOL spares inventory, the delivery of warehouse and logistics services, repair and asset management, and AJW serving as the exclusive parts distributor for Lilium’s worldwide customers” according to the press release. “The partnership solidifies AJW’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the next-gen aviation industry. Material management will be a core component of Lilium’s Aftermarket Service Business, comprising also training, digital, ground operations, and in-service support functions.

“Lilium began production of the Lilium Jet in late-2023, following Lilium’s Design Organisation Approval by EASA. As the Lilium Jet enters into service and the global fleet size grows, Lilium is expecting material profit contribution in recurring revenue from its Aftermarket Service Business.”

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(Image: Lilium)

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