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Lilium Phoenix 2 demonstrator “achieves full transition from hover to wing-borne flight”

According to a shareholder letter from Lilium CEO Klaus Roewe1

“Our technology demonstrator, Phoenix 2, has recently achieved another industry first for an electric jet aircraft, performing at ~100 kt full transition from hover to wing-borne flight on both the main and canard wings at our test facility in Atlas, Spain.

“Transition represents the technically challenging phase (for eVTOL aircraft) between powered vertical lift and the highly efficient wing-borne lift. The fact that the canard and the wing transitioned smoothly is an historic technical achievement in itself but perhaps more important is that the transition happened precisely where the flight physics computer models predicted it would….Phoenix 2 has been successfully performing test flights at the ATLAS center in Spain since Spring 2022, with the first ever main wing transition flight for an electric jet aircraft achieved in June. In July this year, media representatives from CNBC, Die Welt and others were able to witness first-hand Phoenix 2’s flights in Spain. The feedback we received was that all were impressed by the stable flights and the very low noise signature of the demonstrator aircraft. The flight test campaign will be complemented soon by an additional demonstrator aircraft, Phoenix 3, which will allow us to increase the pace of testing and learnings.”

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