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Lilium receives first set of standby avionics systems from Garmin

Lilium N.V has announced today that it has received the first set of standby flight instruments from Garmin®.

“The deliveries, which follow the multi-year supplier contract signed by Lilium and Garmin in 2023, will be integrated into the first Lilium Jets being produced and the Lilium Jet flight simulator, used for pilot training,” according to a Lilium press release. Standby instrumentation is intended to serve as a backup display in case of a failure of the primary cockpit instrumentation. “This redundancy will help pave the Lilium Jet’s path to dual type-certification by the FAA and EASA,” said the eVTOL manufacturer. “The standby flight instrument supplied by Garmin, which is already in use on thousands of certified aircraft, will be integrated into the Lilium Jet’s cockpit and will interface with the jet’s flight control computer, providing inertial sensor data (e.g. attitude, acceleration, etc.) and additional key outputs to the flight control system, as well as serving as a modern, touchscreen flight display that works independently of the primary avionics system.”  

Lilium began assembly of the first Lilium Jet at its manufacturing and testing facilities near Munich at the end of 2023. The first piloted flight test of the Lilium Jet is targeted to occur in late 2024.

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