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Lilium sits down with Expliseat to design and build the Lilium jet’s seats

Lilium, developer of the all-electric vertical take-off and landing (“eVTOL”) jet, has chosen French manufacturer Expliseat to design and build the pilot and passenger seats for the Lilium Jet.

“Expliseat specializes in lightweight and durable seating for aviation and other low carbon mobilities” says the press release and also “the company has unique expertise in advanced materials such as carbon fibre and titanium, which makes their seats approximately 35% lighter than aviation seats typically made of aluminium.

“This significant saving in weight is the result of an ultralight frame, which means comfort isn’t sacrificed. The considerable mass saved is partially reinvested into additional cushions and enhanced ergonomics, which is expected to provide an optimal experience for the Lilium Jet’s passengers.”

Expliseat, reports the press releases is also engaged in other greentech initiatives including development of recycled composite processes to produce seat parts without using any virgin material while guaranteeing higher levels of robustness compared to conventional plastic ones.

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