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Limosa and AirMedic to link on electric aviation air medical transport

Airmedic and Limosa have announced a partnership in the electrification of air medical transport. The companies say this represents a “powerful synergy between innovation and practical application, promising a revolutionary breakthrough in air medical transport services through cutting-edge eco-friendly technology.”

“This collaboration brings together Limosa’s expertise and Airmedic’s operational excellence, with the aim of improving the interior design and functionality of LimoMedic, the ambulance version of Limosa’s electric vertical and conventional take-off and landing (eVTOL/eCTOL) aircraft to meet the specific needs and recommendations of air ambulance operators” according to the press release.

“Headquartered in Montreal, Limosa is at the forefront of the development of its innovative eVTOL, with a particular focus on the configuration of these state-of-the-art vehicles for air ambulance applications.”

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(Image: Limosa)

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