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Limosa launches LimoConnect V2 – larger, more capable version of LimoConnect V1

During the recent Oshkosh EAA event Canadian eVTOL/eCTOL aircraft manufacturer Limosa announced the LimoConnect V2, the newest version of its eVTOL aircraft. This updated version features several significant improvements over the original, including a change in the layout of the distributed electric propulsion system (DEP), reducing the number of moving parts and tilting mechanisms by half, which simplifies and reduces the failure risk of the DEP system; a redesigned control surface system with large fowler flaps, enabling LimoConnect V2 to perform conventional takeoff and landing on very short runways; a larger interior space for passengers and cargo, achieved by relocating the wings; a more efficient propulsion system that reduces noise by rotating at lower rotational speeds; a new avionics system that provides enhanced safety and situational awareness.

Limosa founder and CEO Hamid Hamidi  said: “LimoConnect V2 is the culmination of months of hard work and dedication. We have taken everything we learned from the original LimoConnect and incorporated it into this new aircraft. By going back to the roots of aircraft design principles, we have created a vehicle that is simple, practical, and will revolutionize urban air mobility.”

LimoConnect V2 is scheduled to begin flight testing in 2024. The company expects to receive type certification from TCCA in 2028. Once certified, LimoConnect will be available for sale to commercial and private customers.

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