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Indian aircraft leasing company Vman “pre-orders 40-seat Lyte SkyBus eVTOLs”

Indian aircraft leasing company Vman has pre-ordered 10 40-seat LA-44 SkyBus eVTOLs from Lyte Aviaition, according to Helicopter Investor.

Vman is aiming to launch India’s urban air mobility market and the company’s CEO, Vishok Mansingh, said:We see the value of eVTOLs in India, but so far the two- to four-seater eVTOLs were not really filling the market demand that we are focused on. When we were introduced to the 40-seater eVTOL by Lyte Aviation, we immediately connected the pain points of our region with the benefits that their SkyBus offer. We want to make sure that we are the front runners of mass transit disruption in India, as it is inevitably coming.”

“Lyte’s SkyBus offers a range of 620 miles (1,000km) with a max speed of 190mph (300km/hr). A full-scale prototype is being planned within 24 months” according to the Helicopter Investor. “The SkyBus design features two separate propulsion systems, one electric and powered by hydrogen fuel cells, the other turbine powered by SAF (sustainable aviation fuels).”

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(Image: Lyte Aviation)

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