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Paris 2023: AutoFlight and Group ADP plan 2024 Paris Olympic trial eVTOL flights

AutoFlight and Groupe ADP have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to experiment electric take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) “Prosperity I” flights from Pontoise Vertiport during the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Under the MoU, AutoFlight will conduct experimental piloted flights from the Pontoise Vertiport.

“Pontoise Vertiport offers a comprehensive infrastructure encompassing dedicated take-off and landing areas, a state-of-the-art passenger terminal, a fully equipped maintenance hangar, and advanced control areas,” said a press release. “As Groupe ADP is spearheading the development of eVTOL infrastructure in the Paris Region with five additional vertiports in the making (Paris heliport in Issy-les-Moulineaux, Paris Austerlitz, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Paris Le Bourget, Saint-Cyr l’Ecole), Pontoise offers the optimal setting to experiment AutoFlight’s cutting-edge eVTOL technology.”

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