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Paris 2023: Safran develops eVTOL partnerships with Archer and Volocopter

Safran has announced more eVTOL programme details. Its Electronics & Defense division is working with Archer Aviation testing Safran Electronics & Defense’s ultra-compact avionics platform (UCAP) flight control computer (FCC) and SkyNaute navigation system, which are both used in Archer’s Midnight eVTOL aircraft.

“Archer’s use of Safran Electronics & Defense’s UCAP FCC and SkyNaute navigation system is a key element of its goal of achieving the most efficient path to certification,” said the company in a press release…” SkyNaute adheres to the safety and reliability requirements necessary for certification by relying on mature and proven technologies such as HRG Crystal (Hemispherical Resonator Gyroscopes). This innovative navigation system achieves high performance and integrity while providing a 35% reduction in size and weight when compared to alternatives.

Meanwhile, Volocopter and Safran Electrical & Power have signed an agreement signifying their intention to collaborate on developing a next generation power train for eVTOL aircraft.

“The agreement covers the exploration of commercial and engineering partnerships, specifically around the entire electric powertrain ranging from the electrical propulsion system (EPS), battery units, and power distribution system to wider engineering services,” said the release.

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