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Pegasus flying cars arrive in the USA: soon available to helicopter pilots on the road and in the air

Pegasus Aerospace Corporation, an advanced air mobility company with roots in Australia, has now started operations in the United States.

Las Vegas-based Pegasus Aerospace Corporation has started to market the Pegasus E-Class “Air Ferrari”. “This is not only a hybrid VTOL but is also a sports car whose sophistication channels Formula One,” says the company. “With a recreational helicopter pilots license and a driver’s license, you will potentially be able to park your Pegasus in your home garage, take a short drive to the nearest vertiport and take off for your destination, repeating the process on the other side. A car trip that might normally take 60 minutes one-way will literally only take 15 minutes door-to-door.

“With its hybrid propulsion system, the E-Class has a range of 300 miles and can fly for up to three hours straight before refuelling is needed. And filling the tank is easy; you just pull into any gas station and fill up with normal high-octane gasoline. As a car, the E-Class can achieve over 75 miles per hour on pure-electric power. The Pegasus product range encompasses single and dual-seaters and a 4-seater air taxi, the “Pegasus Air-Taxi,” and its potential applications span the gamut of civilian, medical, logistics, police, and emergency services.

“Beyond its innovative practicality, Pegasus products enjoy another big competitive advantage in the AAM space: the E-Class civilian and police models have already obtained airworthiness registration with Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and are flown in Australia under existing airspace regulations. A big milestone for Pegasus in 2024 will be leveraging its CASA registration and inter-operability standards between Australia and the US to fast track obtaining the equivalent registration from the FAA. Pegasus Aerospace is looking forward to ending 2024 in the position of being able to offer US consumers the ability to enjoy a real flying car!

“But this is just the beginning for Pegasus Aerospace. With a product ready now and easily commercialised, Pegasus aims to become a leading global manufacturer of “Air-Ferrari” flying cars and to pioneer establishing and operating short-haul point-to- point “Pegasus Air Taxi” services among the 57 biggest US metro areas, filling gaps in the existing hub and spoke airline service model. In the meantime, though, Pegasus is looking forward to introducing the E-Class to the North American aviation world at CES in January 2025.”

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