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PLANA establishes U.S. branch offices in Silicon Valley and Irvine for FAA certification

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) developer Plana, South Korea, announced today that it has officially established its U.S. branches in Silicon Valley and Irvine, California.

“The establishment of these offices is to facilitate the FAA certification process of the company’s AAM aircraft and expand into the global markets” according to a press release. “The company will also continue to partner with other American companies to expand the ecosystem for its AAM aircraft.

“Plana is a hybrid-electric AAM aircraft company which is developing an aircraft that uses sustainable aviation fuel in its turbogenerator-based serial hybrid powertrain, and thereby reduces carbon dioxide emissions by more than 80% compared to existing helicopters. Its aircraft can operate over 500km with 5 people including a pilot. The company is currently conducting test flights and verification of a scaled-down aircraft that is 1/5 the size of an actual aircraft and plans to participate in the Grand Challenge (K-UAM) demonstration project conducted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport in the second half of this year.”

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(Image: Plana)

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