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PLANA pushes ahead partnership with City of Irvine, USA

PLANA, the hybrid-based AAM eVTOL developer in South Korea, reports that it has met the Vice Mayor of Irvine, USA, to discover collaborative opportunities.

Irvine Vice Mayor, Tammy Kim visited PLANA’s Research and Development (R&D) Center located in Icheon, South Korea on June 1st, 2023 according to a press release. The tour was led by Braden J. Kim, CEO of PLANA, where they discussed the opening of PLANA’s new Irvine office and explored opportunities for collaboration around economic development and tech innovation.

PLANA recently opened an office in Irvine, CA to accommodate the FAA certification process and expand its market presence.

“The establishment of PLANA’s presence in Irvine will not only enhance our technology ecosystem, but also create exciting opportunities for collaboration, research, and economic growth,” said Vice Mayor Tammy Kim. “As a Korean American, I look forward to the fruitful partnerships that will arise from this venture and the advancements we will achieve together,” she added.

“Irvine thrives as an aerospace hub with prominent players like Parker Aerospace, Unical Aviation, and Zephyr Aerospace. The AAM industry is also expanding, with emerging air taxi developers OverAir and Supernal.”, said Braden J. Kim, CEO of PLANA. “Collaborating with the city on policy, business, and infrastructure development paves the way for a new era in AAM.”

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(Image: PLANA)

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