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Samson Sky now offers financing for its Switchblade flying car via Oregon Coast bank

Samson Sky has just announced new financing options for buyers of the Switchblade Flying Sports Car. Oregon Coast Bank became the first lender to provide support for future Switchblade owners in the U.S., according to Samson Sky CEO Sam Bousfield.

“It is a very welcome benefit for our future Switchblade owners to have a finance option like this,” said Bousfield. “Bank financing is typical for planes and cars, but this is the first known instance of a US banking institution providing a finance option for a flying car.”

The first test prototype was built at Samson Sky’s R&D headquarters in Prineville, Oregon, and was granted authority to begin flight testing in 2022, and announced its maiden flight in November of 2023. Since that time, the vehicle has been undergoing Production Engineering to satisfy the over 2,500 vehicle reservations and 110 pre-sold vehicles.

“Our Reservation List has been increasing by over two per day, lately,” stated Reservations Manager, Martha Hall Bousfield. Buyers can see the Oregon Coast website for further details and loan terms.

“Applicants will be able to apply for financing at the Oregon Coast Bank website at least six months before deliveries begin,” said the company in a press release. “Financing options potentially can include the cost of flight training and licensure done through Samson, relieving buyers from having to find their own funding for training.

“There are several flying car companies vying for leadership in this new transportation segment. The Switchblade is unique in that it is high performance as both a driving and flying vehicle, and fully protects the flying surfaces while driving; this is important in obtaining insurance coverage. The Alef and Aska recently announced production plans in the US, and Doroni is also eyeing plans for introducing their flying car option to the US market.

“The Switchblade can be parked in one’s garage and then driven to the local airport, converted into an aircraft in under three minutes then flown directly to the airport closest to the final destination. After converting back to a three-wheel sports vehicle, it can be driven the last few miles to the destination and your bags never leave the vehicle. The company claims the vehicle has a range of 450+ miles on a single tank of unleaded automobile gasoline, and that this hybrid electric design is intended to increase the speed and pleasure of travel. Samson is accepting Reservations for the Switchblade now, and those who pay a UD500 Deposit at the time of Reservation will be provided an earlier delivery slot.”

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