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Sener supplies first actuator units to Lilium for certification flight tests

Sener has delivered the first servoactuator units to Lilium, intended for certification tests, and plans to supply the first 100 flight servo actuators this year.

The servoactuators will allow the 30 electric motors that each Lilium Jet has to rotate, allowing the transition between vertical takeoff to horizontal flight and vice versa, and allow control of the flight of the aircraft during horizontal flight.

According to engineering and technology industrial group Sener: “Each Lilium Jet is expected to incorporate 16 servoactuators designed and manufactured by Sener in Spain. The company has already delivered the first units intended for testing and plans to deliver a total of 104 throughout 2024, intended for ground testing and certification flight phases of the Lilium Jet. Later, Sener will provide servo actuators for series production of the Lilium Jet.”

(Image: Lilium)

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Sener ha suministrado los primeros servoactuadores para el proceso de pruebas del Lilium Jet

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