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SILENT-YACHTS to offer Xcraft XP4 eVTOL and submarine for new SILENT 120 Explorer super yacht

Solar catamaran builder SILENT-YACHTS’s  new SILENT 120 Explorer is being designed with space for an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for heli-cruising and a submarine for underwater discovery.

According to a company press release:

“The SILENT 120 offers her future owners more than just a technologically and environmentally advanced luxury explorer platform with potentially unlimited range – the catamaran hull form combined with compact electric propulsion units offers significant space that enables the SILENT 120 to carry both a revolutionary eVTOL aircraft and an all-electric two-person submarine, in addition to the usual tenders and toys demanded on a superyacht.

“SILENT-YACHTS’ partnership with VRCO, designers and manufacturers of the Xcraft XP4 eVTOL aircraft, marks the first time a yacht builder and an aircraft manufacturer have collaborated, with the XP4 being customised to match the interiors of the SILENT 120. The XP4 can be landed on the roof of the SILENT 120, where large solar panels will slide outboard to port and starboard to reveal a touch-and-go landing pad.

“The XP4, which is due for certification in 2024, offers convenient aerial personal transportation for up to four people, and is designed with an array of safety features including detection and avoidance technology, a ballistic parachute, and low-altitude crash prevention systems. In addition to utilising technologies such as nanomaterials and hydrogen-based range extension, the XP4 can not only be charged from the SILENT 120’s solar panels but can also deliver power from its own battery to the yacht as a back-up power source. The collaboration not only extends the remote cruising profile of the SILENT 120, but also marks a real advancement in carbon-responsible travel.”

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