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SkyDrive selected Avidyne Quantum Avionics Systems for its eVTOL, the SKYDRIVE

SkyDrive, an eVTOL aircraft manufacturer based in Japan, today announced at the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2023 that it has selected Avidyne’s Quantum Open Avionics Platform for its first production aircraft, the SKYDRIVE.

SkyDrive reports it is developing eVTOL aircraft to be flown with one pilot and two passengers on board for intra-city flights and that the SKYDRIVE requires customised, certified avionics systems to enable its mission.

“The SKYDRIVE is a three-seat, electric-powered lightweight aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities” according to a press release. “Flown by a pilot, its flight stability is enhanced with the assistance of a fly-by-wire control system. The SKYDRIVE is being developed with the vision of realising a world where they are used in daily life for air mobility much as automobiles are used for daily ground transportation.”

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(Image: SkyDrive)

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