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Micaelis and Pelagos Aero form partnership to accelerate sustainable air mobility in Latin America

Micaelis, a Brazilian enterprise in the field of air mobility, has entered into a partnership with Pelagos Aero, a French consulting company specialising in aeronautical engineering and vertiport design.

According to a company statement “The partnership leverages Micaelis’ expertise in promoting and supporting cutting-edge air mobility products and services, and Pelagos Aero’s 30-year legacy of defining and building heliports and vertiports.  This dynamic alliance aims to lay the foundation for an extensive network of vertiports in Brazil” according to the a press release.

“As part of this alliance, Pelagos Aero will spearhead an ambitious export campaign to Brazil, fully supported by Micaelis, to introduce their world-class services to the Brazilian market. Micaelis will actively collaborate in ensuring that all communications related to Brazilian activities align with their vision and mission before dissemination.”

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(Image: Micaelis)

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