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Skyfly completes flight simulator in time for crewed test flights

Skyfly has announced that its Axe eVTOL flight simulator is live, allowing test pilots to assess and fine tune the Axe’s control systems and conduct familiarisation flights ahead of the first crewed test flights, which are planned for the first quarter of 2024.

“The simulator uses many of the same systems as the real Axe eVTOL, including the Axe’s quadruple-redundant and flight-proven Veronte 4X flight controller made by Embention in Spain” according to the press release. “It has been fine-tuned using real world data from hundreds of hours of test flying by the Axe unmanned prototype, ensuring it closely mimics the Axe’s behaviour and flight characteristics.

“Following two years of development, CFD and CAD designing, followed by prototype flight testing, the Axe was officially launched in the summer of 2022. In the months since then, the Axe eVTOL by Skyfly has secured dozens of orders and has attracted the attention of air mobility specialist investors. Their backing allows Skyfly to push forward with its development schedule. The strong and lightweight composite fuselage tooling for series production has meanwhile been manufactured and delivered, and with that, Skyfly is now building its first aircraft, with manned test flights due to begin in Q1 2024. Customer deliveries will follow at the end of 2024, when UK certification is expected.”

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(Image:  SkyFly)

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