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SMG Consulting updates its AAM Reality Index with new more detailed data

SMG Consulting’s November 2023 AAM Reality Index sees major changes to the rankings of most companies.

Twenty ratings have been updated – with details on what elements of the AAM Reality Index led to the change in rating:

  •   Volocopter [8.3 from 8.6]: funding, technology readiness
  •   Ehang [8.0 from 8.1]: funding, technology readiness, certification progress, production readiness
  •   Joby Aviation [8.0 from 8.7]: funding, technology readiness, production readiness
  •   Beta Technologies [8.0 from 8.6]: funding, technology readiness, production readiness
  •   Archer [7.9 from 8.1]: funding
  •   Wisk (Boeing) [7.4 from 7.8]: funding, technology readiness
  •   Vertical Aerospace [7.1 from 7.0]: technology readiness
  •   Pipistrel (Textron) [7.0 from 7.2]: funding
  •   AutoFlight [6.9 from 7.2]: technology readiness, production readiness
  •   Aerofugia [6.8 from 7.1]: technology readiness, production readiness
  •   Elroy Air [6.8 from 7.4]: technology readiness, certification progress
  •   Lilium [6.7 from 6.8]: technology readiness
  •   SkyDrive [6.4 from 5.9]: funding
  •   Alaka’i Technologies [6.3 from 6.2]: technology readiness
  •   Eviation [6.2 from 6.1]: technology readiness
  •   REGENT [6.1 from 6.2]: technology readiness
  •   Dufour Aerospace [5.7 from 5.8]: technology readiness
  •   Volkswagen [3.7 from 3.6]: technology readiness

The rankings have changed largely “due to the increased level of detail added to three of the five parameters in order to better capture more minute differences as we approach certification, entry into service and production scale up.

  •   Funding – added additional milestones to take into account the differences in funding needed to scale up production
  •   Technology Readiness – added additional milestones to distinguish between sub-scale and full scale prototypes/demonstrators
  •   Production Readiness – added additional milestones to increase the granularity between LRIP and mass scale production”


“The funding for the following OEMs have been updated:

  •   Elroy Air: USD90.0 million from USD50.0 (additional capital raise)
  •   SkyDrive: USD249.8 million from USD126.6 (~12.4 billion yen (USD82.7 million) grant from the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
  •   REGENT: USD90.0 million from USD50.0 (closed USD60 million Series A)”

The AAM Reality Index November 2023 release will be featured in Aviation Week’s Advanced Air Mobility Report website.

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