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ADB Safegate and vertiport developer Kookiejar to develop modular vertiport in Dubai

Airport technology company ADB Safegate and vertiport developer Kookiejar have announced a partnership to develop modular airports, starting in Dubai South.

Kookiejar signed an agreement in 2022 with heliport and helicopter operator Air Chateau for the establishment of a vertiport in Dubai South, said the company, with a vision to create a network of vertiports to serve the rapidly evolving advanced air mobility ecosystem.

“ADB SAFEGATE, a global provider of comprehensive airport solutions, offers an extensive range of products and services designed to enhance airport the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of airside operations,” said a press release. “From state-of-the-art LED lights with advanced sensors to cutting-edge communication platforms and software systems managing flight turnaround processes…By connecting airside assets and delivering real-time insights for advanced decision-making, this partnership aims to usher in an era of smart, interconnected vertiports. The first one of these will be built in Dubai South at Air Chateau heliport.”

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(Image: Kookiejar)

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