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Utah State and Jump Aero to collaborate on Jump Aero first responder eVTOL services

Jump Aero, a California-based aviation manufacturer building a “fast sustainable personal aircraft”, and the Utah Department of Transportation-Division of Aeronautics have agreed to collaboratively determine what full coverage of the state with Jump Aero’s flight-based first responder operations would entail. The company says the MOU, signed earlier this month, sets the stage for Utah to determine how many Jump JA-1 Pulse personal electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft it would need to acquire in order to provide life-saving response times throughout the state and how best to structure future collaboration between Jump Aero and Utah’s existing first response organisations.

“Utah is particularly well-suited to benefit from the JA-1 Pulse as it is a state with many remote and rural communities and that welcomes a large influx of tourists to its numerous remote and hard to access natural attractions” according to the press release. “In many areas, ambulance arrival and first response times can be well beyond what is considered necessary to support positive outcomes due to distances and terrain. By enabling skilled first responders to fly directly to the scene of the emergency, Jump Aero’s platform can save lives of both Utah’s residents and visitors.  The JA1 Pulse can fly one trained professional plus emergency equipment to unimproved landing zones in rural areas.”

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(Image: Jump Aero)

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