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Vertical Aerospace “completes successful remote control flight of VX4 prototype”

Vertical Aerospace announced today on social media that it has successfully flown its full-scale electric aircraft at Cotswold Airport (UK), reaching its target speed of 40kts (just over 40mph or 70 kmh) through a series of rigorous, remotely-piloted ‘thrustborne’ test flights. According to the statement the VX4 “lifted, hovered, flew and landed, powered solely by the cutting-edge battery-powered propulsion system.”

“This is a very proud moment and a huge milestone for Vertical and our team, whose enormous dedication and hard work has made this possible” the company said. “We are planning further flight tests over the coming months which we will continue to share, as well as developing our second prototype aircraft which will feature even more advanced technology.”

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(Image: Vertical Aerospace)

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