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Avidyne provides customised avionics suite on VoltAero’s Cassio 330 electric-hybrid aircraft

VoltAero has confirmed its selection of Avidyne for the development and supply of avionics to equip the Cassio 330 in an exclusive agreement, establishing what the company describes as “a long-term relationship that includes customised software specifically tailored for the electric-hybrid operations of this clean-sheet design aircraft.”

“The Cassio 330 will be equipped with a glass cockpit incorporating Avidyne’s new-generation Quantum 14-inch displays in a dual PFD/MFD (Primary Flight Display/Multi-function Display) configuration. In addition to the screens’ significant size, the Quantum displays provide brightness and synthetic vision system (SVS) capabilities at 4K resolution, as well as processor performance improvements over legacy systems” according to the press release.

“By accumulating and processing all aircraft information and delivering it in an intuitive manner, the avionics suite will simplify the pilot’s decision-making process, as well as improve flight safety and simplify pilot training. Additionally, the avionics are designed for the connected aircraft environment.”

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(Image: VoltAero)




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