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New research shows public support for air taxis in Canada

Horizon Aircraft, a Canadian-based producer of hybrid electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL) aerial vehicles, reports it has carried out a nationwide study and found 73% of Canadians support the development of the air taxi and eVTOL industry.  The company says the research shows growing support for the development of air taxi services in Canada to help the country seize opportunities to create jobs and boost revenue, while also helping the environment.

According to the press release “Nearly four out of five (78%) would be happy to fly in them once they are commercially operational. Just 7% say they would never use an eVTOL, while 15% are currently undecided. A major reason driving support for the industry is the potential to create jobs and boost the Canadian economy while also helping cut greenhouse gas emissions by reducing traffic congestion.”

“The research also found:

  • “75% of Canadians believe the jobs boost for Canada should increase Government support for the sector, while 68% want the Government to target becoming a world leader in eVTOL development.
  • “Nearly seven out of 10 (69%) of Canadians believe the country’s geography and landmass give it major advantages over other countries and present a compelling case for developing a strong eVTOL market.
  • “Around 74% believe using eVTOLs will benefit urban areas by cutting traffic congestion and its impact on the environment.”

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(Image: Horizon Aircraft)

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