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XTI makes multiple changes to TriFan design, reschedules launch prospects

Following on from recent leadership changes at XTI Aircraft in which the Colorado based company appointed Michael Hinderberger as new CEO and Scott Pomeroy the new CFO, significant changes have been made in key aspects of the TriFan design and planning.  Most notable among these are the decisions to enter service using conventional turboshaft engines and to push back first deliveries by up to 3 years to 2027.

XTI reports on its website: “The TriFan 600 will initially be certified with two reliable turboshaft engines, allowing XTI to maintain an aggressive certification timeline and enter into service without the delay associated with incorporating a new unproven engine. In our quest to take aviation to a sustainable future, development work continues with our partner HyPoint in refining our hydrogen fuel-cell based hybrid-electric propulsion system.

“The TriFan 600 will seamlessly integrate into the national airspace and requires no new infrastructure or regulations. It readily operates from existing airports and helipads as well as other surfaces and is sized to fit in a standard 50′ hangar. These are important considerations that will give us a competitive advantage and significantly greater useability for operators as they will not have to wait for charging infrastructure or new airspace regulations to be developed before their aircraft can be effectively and widely deployed.”

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(Image: XTI Aircraft)

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