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Belgian companies partner to develop rechargeable solid state batteries for eVTOLs

The Belgian solid-state Lithium battery technology company SOLiTHOR and aerospace company Sonaca have signed a bilateral Memorandum of Agreement to jointly develop safe, high-density rechargeable solid-state Lithium battery systems for regional aircraft and Urban Air Mobility.  This partnership will also expand to satellite systems and defence systems.

According to a joint company press release:

“This alliance will divide key activities in the research, development, production and integration of cells and battery systems designed for powering aircraft.  SOLiTHOR will be responsible for cell research, development, testing characterisation, format design and production of 10Ah-40Ah cell as it forges ahead.  Sonaca will develop the battery packaging including all related management systems. It will also certify the battery system.

“The cells will be produced and manufactured by SOLiTHOR in Sint-Truiden, Flanders, Belgium and the integration of the aircraft battery systems will take place at Sonaca’s plant in Charleroi, Wallonia, Belgium.”

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