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Lilium teams with Collins Aerospace to build sidestick controllers

Lilium announced today it has teamed with Collins Aerospace, “to design, develop and build the Lilium Jet’s inceptors – the innovative sidestick system used by the pilot to control the aircraft”. Collins Aerospace is a producer of technologically advanced and intelligent solutions for the global aerospace and defense industry and a Raytheon Technologies business.

According to the press release “The Lilium Jet inceptors will provide safe and intuitive handling qualities, easy access to functionalities, and an aesthetic, ergonomic design. While integrating all conventional mechanical and electrical flight controls into two sidesticks, the Collins Aerospace system brings a new piloting philosophy for single pilot operations in the eVTOL realm. The system will also be designed to bring significant space and weight savings compared to conventional sidesticks.

“Lilium’s collaboration with Collins Aerospace continues Lilium’s strategy of teaming up with established tier one aerospace suppliers to support certification and prepare the industrial ramp-up. As part of the supplier agreement, Collins Aerospace, with its extensive experience in developing and certifying inceptors for commercial jets, will certify the Lilium Jet’s inceptors to commercial aviation standards.”

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(Image: Lilium)

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